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An inverse problem course

This Learning Resources page is all about inverse problems. It focuses on the problem of image deconvolution and resolution enhancement. It offers various documents (in PDF format): slideshow for lectures, exercise topics and practical matlab-work.


  • [PDF] Introduction and examples
  • [PDF] Linear solutions: least-square and inverse filtering, quadratic penalty and Wiener-Hunt solution
  • [PDF] Convex penalty and edge preservation: Huber and half-quadratic approach
  • [PDF] Positivity and support constraints, Alternative Direction Methods of Multilpliers
  • [PDF] Quadratic minimization, system solvers, matrix inversion: a short and partial view
  • [PDF] An example in astronomy: bi-model, smoothness and parsimony, positivity and support, ADMM
  • [PDF] An example in radar imaging: high resolution and sparsity, ADMM
  • [PDF] Concluding remarks and perspectives


  • [PDF] Circulant matrices, quadratic functions, Legendre transform, linear constraints, sparsity, denoising,…


  • [PDF] Linear solutions and filtering: quadratic penalty and Wiener-Hunt
  • [PDF] Bayesian standpoint and stochastic sampling for hyperparameter estimation.
  • [PDF] Convex penalty and edge preservation: Huber and half-quadratic approach.
  • [PDF] Positivity constraints and ADMM.

Auteur(s) Jean-François Giovannelli
Langue English
Licence Creative Commons